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Montjuïc E-bike Tour
Tour Location
Plaça Sant Jaume
Plaça Sant Jaume
Tour Information
4 hours
On Road
Bike Options:
Electric Bike
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Tour Type:
City Tour
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Tour Distance & Dates
Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
Jan 5 - Apr 12 Tu, Th, Sa, Su @ 10:30am
Apr 13 - Oct 13 Tu, Th, Sa, Su @ 4pm
Oct 14 - Dec 18 Tu, Th, Sa, Su @ 10:30am
Tour Operator:
Fat Tire Bike Tours Barcelona

Montjuïc E-bike Tour

4 Hours Easy

Barcelona’s Montjuïc is a broad hill located to the southwest of the city center. Rich in history and beauty, this famous attraction features breathtaking, panoramic views of the harbor and various monuments, museums, castles and neighborhoods that the city is famous for. Montjuïc is well-known as the site that hosted several major events for the 1992 Summer Olympic Games around its famous Olympic Stadium and other sporting venues. This popular location also features castles, fortresses, theatres, museums, manicured gardens, ornate statues and fountains.

Our comprehensive tour of Montjuïc is designed with the ultimate safety, pleasure and comfort of our guests in mind. On this tour we ride the newest and best electric bikes (also known as E-bikes), which eliminates the need for strenuous pedaling on the area’s various hills. Additionally, our tour route follows wide, paved, bike-friendly paths with minimal obstacles and very little automobile traffic. As is the case with all of our tours, our journey through Montjuïc is suitable for guests of all physical abilities.

On this 4-hour E-bike tour, our experienced guides will talk you on a memorable and thorough journey of Montjuïc and its most popular sites.
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