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The Death Road Coroico
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1 day
Off-road (unsealed)
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Mountain bike
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Elma Tours Adventures

The Death Road Coroico

1 Days

07:00 we pick you up from the meeting place so to have breakfast and we check the right size of all the clothing and gear for each person like: helmet, raincoat, elbow caps, kneecaps, bikes, and so on.
07:45 once we have all the clothing and the whole gear for mountain biking (KONA brand) and along with mechanic guides and everything for the venture, we depart from La Paz city, which is located in a altitude of 3.600 m.a.s.l. (11.810 feet) towards the foot of the Andean mountain range or Royal mountain range, exactly towards the so called cumbre which is at 4.700 m.a.s.l. (15.420 feet) on one hour and 15 minutes by our private transport service (minibus). During this short journey we can watch dessert flora and fauna of the high plateau and snowy mountains of the Royal mountain range where usually the temperature is from 0 to 5 degrees.
09:00 we get acquainted with all our gear, then we listen carefully to the explanations of the guides who have a lot of expertise about the road.
09:30 descent, we start this biking venture, the first part is on asphalted road towards Unduavi town (antidrug control but just for cars), in a very frigid climate. In this place we can feel a temperate climate and also in this place we buy entrance tickets for the circuit which have a cost of 30.00 Bolivians per each person (this cost is not included in our service), besides this cost is just a symbolic payment to support Death Road indigenous communities for their development.
10:30 soil road in a altitude of 2.700 m.a.s.l. at the Cotapata sub-tropical town where the asphalted road ends and the onset of Bolivian forest begins. The most dangerous road around the world. Well - known as the road of death. This is a soil road that offers and incredible sight while going down carefully headed by the guides passing by the rivers, waterfalls, and the flora and fauna of this place.
12:00 a break for a proper rest of about 20 minutes in order to have some snacks already prepared in La Paz like fruits, peanuts, chocolate, and drinks.
14:00 we arrive at Yolosa town (1.200 m.a.s.l. (3.940 feet) which has a warmth climate and this place is the end of the biking adventure. then we go towards Coroico at Esmeralda Hotel to take a shower, to have the lunch enjoying a good temperature next to the swimming pool, etc.
16:30 we return to La Paz city in our transport service on the new two-ways highway, this is called Cotapata Santa Barbara and is very safe.
19:00 arrival at our central office, “DINO BIKING”
One T - shirt
One CD about the venture
Entrance fee 25 Bs
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