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Luxury in Ardennes
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Cycling for Softies

Luxury in Ardennes

Perfect for...easy cycling along the riverside paths with 2000 years of history passing under your wheels.

These are two departments of France. Champagne is known to everyone through its prestigious, celebratory, sparkling wines and rolling vineyard covered countryside. Ardennes is defined by its lime stone hills and deep river valleys, and famous for its battles, beer, forests and slate mines, but amazingly undiscovered by tourism. The name Ardennes derives from Arduinna, the celtic goddess, and Arduinna also happened to have been Saint Hubert’s horse. The newly opened cycle path along the banks of the river Meuse and the RAVel track into Belgium reached from Dinant provide peaceful cycling and fabulous nature watching (roller skating, walking and horse riding too) through stunning scenery. The green Michelin is full of praise for the views. The lack of tourism has meant few luxurious hotels, but wonderfully welcoming people.
Luxury (5 ★)
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