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Picos de Europa
Tour Location
Santillana del Mar
Tour Information
10 days
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Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Jul, Sep
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Cycling Centuries

Picos de Europa

10 Days Easy

This 'hideaways' tour takes us on a remarkable journey through remote, timeless and virtually unknown northern Spain. Never conquered by the Moors and seemingly untouched since the Middle Ages the Picos de Europa mountains lie only 15 kilometers from the sparkling beaches of the Bay of Biscay. This is cycling paradise: lofty snow-capped mountains and magnificent stretches of beach all wrapped up in one unforgettable tour.

Our tour begins with a visit to the world famous Guggenheim Museum of modern art in Bilbao. Then, a couple of days pedaling along the Bay of Biscay before we head south, riding through the Picos rather than over them. We wend our way through breathtaking gorges carved between massive peaks by fast rivers full of trout and salmon. Our tour also includes 2 days of walks along some of the Picos most magnificent paths and one morning spent canoeing along the Deva River. Accommodations include small quaint hotels, a manor house and a restored village in the woods.
Bicycle Hire, all breakfasts, 7 dinners w/ wine+ more
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