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Azores Island Hopping
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7 days
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Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
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Cycling Centuries

Azores Island Hopping

7 Days Easy-Moderate

The Azores Island hopping guided bike tour is a multi-sport adventure taking us back to the land of the ancient mariners, we will spend 6 nights hopping these Atlantic islands of staggering beauty once claimed to be the peaks of Atlantis. Bicycle, foot and kayak are the modes of transport to make the most of the sea, hikes and beautiful cycling on offer.

For centuries, sailors crossed half of the Atlantic to reach the Azores Islands, bringing wine, oranges and whale products to mainland Europe. They were an important center of trade between Europe, the Americas and India creating a rich cultural heritage. These islands unfold a complex combination of Portuguese traditions mixed with Flemish and French influences all visible throughout our trip.

This non-stop fun adventure in the westernmost point of Europe includes whale and dolphin watching from Faial island, hopping to São Jorge for a glorious hike and cycling by the crater lakes and thermal water springs that dot our route across these islands whose natural beauty is only comparable to New Zealand.
Bicycle Hire, (Accommodation & meal bookings handled by our agents for this tour) all breakfasts, picnics, 4 dinners w/ wine+ more
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