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Argentina / Chile - Patagonia
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Argentina, Chile
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18 days
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Argentina / Chile - Patagonia

18 Days Mod-Advanced

Crossing the spine of South America is a cycle bike journey like no other. Where the passes are at their lowest is in northern Patagonia, a region also known as the Lake District of Chile and Argentina, making this a fabulous destination for a cycling holiday.

Volcanoes capped in snow, wild forests, raging rivers, glacial lakes, small mountain villages and wonderful hospitality - this is all part of our Andean experience. This holiday takes you on a large loop through this breathtaking and ever-changing landscape. We cross the Andes twice, ride through deeply carved glacial valleys, across the plains of lava and under the canopy of pristine, indigenous forests. There is also the chance to raft some rapids and hike to the very summit of Villarica Volcano.
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Our evenings are spent in comfort at small cabanas (cottages) or little local hotels, all chosen for their locations and character. After a day of adventure it's great to relax in a deep chair, sipping some fine Chilean wine and watching the sun go down over the snow-capped cone of a giant volcano.
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