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A Celtic Journey
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7 days
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Cycle West Ireland

A Celtic Journey

7 Days

Nothing could adequately describe the resplendent rock garden that is the Burren, with its abundance of exotic flora, bird and
wildlife. Dotted with megalithic stone tombs, some representing the regions earliest monuments (from about 3,800 BC)
including Poulnabrone Dolman. There is an abundance of Christian and pre-Christian monuments, along with medieval
settlements - castles, ring (fairy) forts, wishing wells and ancient churches spanning the centuries of time.
You will enjoy the stone forts, monuments, alpine and arctic flowers and plants that grow side by side, the seeds having been
deposited by glacier millions of years ago. This is the mystical land of disappearing rivers and lakes, closed valleys, caves and
limestone pavements. You may even find a real fairy fort!
The Aran Islands, three timeless islands in an endless sea showcase weathered monuments on awesome cliffs, great labyrinths
of limestone, meandering walls, patchwork fields, quiet beaches and a welcoming island people.
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