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Gulf Islands Grand 8 Day Tour
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Gulf Islands Grand 8 Day Tour


This tour combines our Southern Gulf Islands tour with the remote and rugged wilderness of southwest Vancouver Island. This adventure allows participants to experience everything that makes Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands one of the most popular destinations for outdoor enthusiasts. Departing from Victoria and utilizing our regional trails, quite country roads and sections of the Trans Canada Trail, this tour completes a full circle of the Gulf Islands and Southern Vancouver Island. Included are opportunities for hiking, white water kayaking, swimming in pristine wilderness lakes, beach combing and fresh pacific salmon and crab feasts on the beach.
This tour is a combination of B&B stays and nights of ‘executive’ camping using comfortable cots and spacious tents on private property. Upgrades to indoor accommodation are available on most camping nights and all meals are either prepared for you or are in local establishments and are always included.
As with all outdoor adventures, please allow plenty of additional time for your other connections. Times are approximate and may vary with each group.
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