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Beijing by Bike-Hutong Alley
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3 hours
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Cycle China

Beijing by Bike-Hutong Alley

3 Hours

"Get off tourist trail, join Beijingers pedal on the off-beaten streets of Beijing"

The Beijing By Bicycle Tour, by far the best way to explore the heart of Beijing, is a great combination of adventure and culture.

Forbidden City and Temple of heaven has won the name of ancient Beijing, but the hundred years old small alley-Hutong and the traditional courtyard houses, will shatter all western illusions, give you a live demonstration of the real old Beijing.

This bicycle tours will take you to places tourists hardly can get to, small backstreets, concession, old brothel, tea house, markets, temples and even the ordinary Beijing family. This gives a true picture of daily life for a lot of people in the city.


Get on bicycle, join locals,cycle around the exterior of the Forbidden city, at a leisure pace, the red tall walls guarded Forbidden City, and the peaceful moat will make a good picture stop.

Then cycle down to Tiananmen Square, one of the worlds largest squares, spacious enough to accommodate a million people. Watch the magnificent People Heroes Monument and five-stated Red Flag waves on the seat of bike.

Pedal through the winding narrow old streets of Bejing of Qianmen(Front Gate), locally called Hutong, listen to the guide elaborating Beijing history, Hutongers life, custom, architecture, pay a visit to a normal Beijing family, who lives in the traditional courtyard house, also called quadrangles (Siheyuan) a building complex formed by four houses around a quadrangular courtyard. Take the chance to see the lives of ordinary Beijing people, you will find hospitality like you have never seen.

Later on the way, we will pass an old brothel, teahouse, market, and opium house, see local people in their pajama at public, kids playing in pants with open crotch, piles of coal and cabbage stored in front of the house, with the interesting stories and guidance from our experienced local guides, you will picture the life of the real Beijing which ordinary tourist will never do.

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