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Tour Du Canada
Tour Location
St Johns
Tour Information
Luggage Transfer, Maps or GPS
74 days
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 5450
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
Tour Operator:
Cycle Canada

Tour Du Canada

74 Days

Tour du Canada is a classic cross-Canada journey that has run annually since 1988. Tour du Canada is designed to be affordable and to appeal to a broad range of cycling backgrounds. Riders participating in a Tour du Canada ride are expected to have an active role in the trip, according to their abilities. We rely on participants to pool their skills. Riders will need flexible attitudes and a spirit of co-operation.
Tour riders become members of this co-operative organization and Directors are elected from the membership. Administrative support for the Tour is provided by CycleCanada, The Veloforce Corporation
Booking Conditions
Deposit: $1,000
A truck and driver(s) to carry rider gear, field kitchen and galley supplies.
Major Ferry fees.
Three meals a day. Riders cook (and cleanup) as a group and share in galley duty. Riders will need at least basic cooking skills. Meal plans stress the high-carbohydrate diet needed by active cyclists. Approximately 1/3 of the dinner meals are vegetarian (may include dairy products)
Cooking equipment is provided and daily group food supplies are purchased by Tour vehicle driver.
Accommodation is
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