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Canyoning - Barranquismo in and around Castril
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Cortijo Sierra Castril

Canyoning - Barranquismo in and around Castril



Most of the canyons in the area are fairly dry, though there is the chance of water through out the year and they can become very sporting trips in February and March.

The most popular barrancos are Barranco del Buitre and Barranco del Tunez

Barranco del Buitre - A popular trip due to it's ease of access, only 5 min's walk from parking and 20 min's back at the end of the trip. Fantastic rock scenery with abseils up to 26 m long. Length of trip on average is 2 hours.

Barranco del Tunez - Rated as one of the best of it's type in southern Spain. Access to the start takes around 1 hour and goes trough some wonderful countryside. The rock walls of the canyon being particularly impressive. There are a number of abseils gradually increasing in length to the final big one of over 30 m.

In late spring through until mid autumn it is possible to do many of the local canyons in fairly lightweight clothing, but outside this time wetsuits or warm clothing is essential.

The fantastic Rio Verde is also in reach of a day out from Castril. This gorge is long, wet and can be done with or with out ropes. Some of the jumps are big, but are equipped for rope descent. A full wetsuit is essential for this trip
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