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KiliCircle (bike around Kilimanjaro)
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9 days
Off Road (MTB only)
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Chagga Tours
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KiliCircle (bike around Kilimanjaro)

9 Days Moderate-Advanced

After the arrival day and the preparation day in Marangu we start on day three to the first stage. The ride goes off road, mostly through farmland and downwards. Lake Chala is breathtakingly beautiful; a clear blue diamond in the brown dusty savanna.

We take the way over the mountains to the North, parallel to the border to Kenya. The more up we go, the landscape becomes greener and greener and we encounter many farms of the Chagga people. Up and down hill sections change and stony and dusty ways need attention.

From this day on, we come in close contact with the Kilimanjaro and his small brother, Mawenzi. We take a steep ascension to the main pass, which leads around the Kilimanjaro and where we will stay the next two days. Here mostly pedestrians, bikers and sometimes cars pass. The trail is on the beginning of the road and leads into a tarmac road 15km before Rongai.

The route goes through small villages, where you are met with open hospitality.
After 16 miles of colorful impressions the group spends the night at the Snow Cap Cottage, where you will find hot showers, comfortable beds, an open fireplace and a cold drink.

The route goes westwards, 20km paved street. We come to the distant northern mountain range of Kilimanjaro and with 2100m to the highest point of the tour. We will go through Massai territory, passing the typical round huts and big flogs of cows and goats. At this side of the Kilimanjaro less rain falls and the dry land becomes more and more African savannah. It goes partly up and down.

At the day’s destination, the ranch of Margot & Peter Jones, you can observe elephants, since the surrounding land offers best conditions for them. Besides Africa’s biggest animal there can be found many more interesting creatures. At the evening while sitting at the fireplace you are able to listen to the nightly voice of the savanna.

You will have a whole day to relax and enjoy nature at the Ndarakwai Ranch. You will have the possibility to take part in a four-hour walking-safari with an armed ranger. Everybody is invited to watch animals from the tree-hut (zebras, antelopes, buffalo, even lions have been seen) or you can observe, how a goat is slaughtered and cooked for supper in the evening (a Massai dish). We celebrate the success of the tour till then with a Tanzanian dance and drum group and even the shyest biker will dance barefoot around the fire place.

After such a lazy day, the last route of the tour goes downhill or at an even level, taking finally a 10 miles long country track that turns into another 16 miles main road that leads back to Moshi. You will observe a broad and aridly landscape that reminds of the outback of California, with the only difference that the Kilimanjaro with its snowy top will show off over the clouds. Cool beer and the final evaluation of the tour await the participants of the tour. Every participant is handed a Certificate „KiliCircle“and his or her name can be published at our website
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Price depends on group size
Escort vehicle with the tents, the food and personal belongings
You can bring your own mountain bike or rent one from us. We have 20 top quality MTBs from Scott of different frame sizes available.
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