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Umbria Unravelled
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7 days
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Jun, Jul, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Umbria Unravelled

7 Days

Home of St. Francis and olive oil capital of Italy, Umbria is a landscape of sleepy valleys, solemn poplars and medieval towns perched atop hills. The land in between is filled in by green forests, grain fields in the plain, and vineyards on the slopes. And the beauty of your surroundings is complimented by the warmth and hospitality of a region long accustomed to travellers, but not trampled by tourists.

Umbria offers one of Italy’s most least convention-bound cuisines, delightfully co-opting outside influence. But plenty of local input remains: mushrooms, black truffles, suckling piglet, and approachable wines....

The towns are full of surprises: exuberant jumbles living in their old stones as if they were features of the landscape. Underground parking lots in the foundations of a 16th century fortress, a Roman aquaduct used as a cycle path, a guy who’s a hero for talking to birds.... Our route is articulated around three of these: ancient and beautiful cities set in lovely landscapes.
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