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Tour de France
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21 days
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Road Bike
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May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Tour de France

21 Days

France is a special place, about which few are dispassionate. Her appeal is strongest amongst those who know her best. Some years ago, an “Economist” statistical analysis of “Best Places to Live” put her 11th. But when they simply polled their staff, she won hands down.

A strong native culture partly insulates her from Anglo-Saxon influence. This complicates our ability to understand her – when it doesn’t provoke blind rage. But her frequent rejection of our certainties has naught to do with us. Rather, it is symptomatic of the way in which she sees herself, and of the unique prism through which she views the world (philosophy is a required subject in French secondary schools). If the path frustrates some of us, we are no less drawn to the result.

Those who have travelled in rural France will need no encouragement to return, and newcomers will be delighted at what they find. The French countryside is terrifically rewarding. And very much alive, with an agricultural tissue that has disappeared in most properous nations. Exploration leads to the roots of a delightful lifestyle: those family farms are intimately linked to the Unesco inscription of “French Gastronomy” to its World Heritage list.

Indeed, one can’t talk about France without talking about the food. And the wine! The French table is a deity: the great social organizer, leisure activity, consumer of disposable income. If French gastronomy has such prestige, it is because the French un self consciously spend their time on it. Inevitably, we shall, too. And then cycle through picture-book landscapes to work it off. Well, try to work it off.
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