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The Blue Danube
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Blue Marble Travel

The Blue Danube

7 Days Easy

Yes, the Strauss waltz is the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of the “Blue Danube.” It’s a fitting symbol, even if the Danube really looks more gray-green to us. Maybe in the right light....

But a more gracious river, set in a more gracious land, is hard to imagine.

We start our route in Steyr, a provincial capital at the foot of the Alps, and the confluence of two of the great river’s most important tributaries. And we end it in Vienna, the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s crown jewel.

In between lies the prettiest of the Danube Valley, lined with Baroque abbeys, Rococo town halls, terraced vineyards, churches topped with onion domes, ruined castles, and the most charming of little villages.

Fans of Wagner’s “Ring” (or Tolkien’s, for that matter) will enjoy passing through the Nibelungengau, which you would think might have something to do with dwarves, but which turns out not to.

Wine enthusiasts will love the Wachau, home to the beautiful vineyards where most of the fashionable grüner veltliner takes its root.

And all of this following Europe’s first long-distance cycle path, still one of her most beautiful.

Our ride ends with a night in the Austrian capital. Trade your bike for a day on the city’s characteristic red trams, which will tie it all together for you, literally and figuratively....
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