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Tapestries & Tapas
Tour Location
France (Loire, Occitanie), Spain (Basque Country & Cantabria)
Tour Information
15 days
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Tour Distance & Dates
May, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Tapestries & Tapas

15 Days

This trip is a study in contrast. French civilization’s heart: ghosts of nobility, the grandeur of royal castles, great art work, refined cuisine, delicately tended wines which you nurse in your glass....

Added to the ultimate popular culture: noisy fishing ports, town squares thronged with families, bars hopping until the wee hours, and wines characterized by abundance & affordability rather than barrel age.

A scenic smorgasbord matches the cultural one: pastoral farmlands, national forests and the sweep of majestic rivers in the Loire; the sharp green hills and dramatic proximity of mountains and ocean in the Basque Country. And the biking changes as much as the views: the rolling countryside of the Loire builds your strength for Basque climbs leading to dramatic views.
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