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Scandinavian Sampler
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Denmark, Norway
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15 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Scandinavian Sampler

15 Days

Scandinavians are friendly, relaxed, secure folk. You’d feel secure too, if all your friends drove Volvos and your health club was a government program.

This is an unusual part of the world, full of cultural surprises & breathtaking scenery. Those who think Tolkien was writing fiction may find it all a bit unnerving. Hobbit houses in Denmark and Rohan horsemen in Norway will have you looking for elves and goblins in no time. Maybe they’re Swedish.

Denmark has a nationwide system of interstate... bike paths, and a crime rate so low that some people leave their bikes unlocked in downtown Copenhagen. Sparsely-populated Norway (the people of Los Angeles on the land area of California) mandates public access to private land, operates more daily passenger trains than Amtrak, and makes Lutheran pastors employees of the state.

As for the scenery: scenic Denmark has zero in common with scenic Norway. On the one hand, the hospitable comfort of wood-paneled pubs, and thatch-roofed cottages on trim farms. On the other, mountains and fjords that once demanded time to reach and effort to visit, and still demand imagination to grasp.
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