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Norway Fjords & Glaciers
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Blue Marble Travel

Norway Fjords & Glaciers

7 Days Easy

Norway is extraordinary. A friend likened it to Jupiter, if you’ve been there recently, but Norway is less crowded.

If you grew up on Grieg, eat only Munch, or eyeball all Ibsen, you will find them well-remembered. Cultural identity is manifested in breakfast herring, a love of (and profound respect for) nature, and a regard turned resolutely north. You’d think that they were already there!

You’ll be awed by a past filled with difficult labor, difficult wars, and difficult geography, all in a difficult climate. As you sip coffee at 160 kph (100 mph) in the cosseted luxury of your express train to the mountains, it’s tough to imagine that the trim fields and towns out your window are on the same latitude as Fairbanks, Alaska, or northern Siberia (there’s a northern Siberia?).

But if the farms have their charm, most come here for the scenery that humans have not touched, and there is plenty of it. Fjords, glaciers, wild flowers, the craggy coastline of the North Atlantic.... Wherever you look, Norway is stunningly beautiful! Superlatives quickly give out in written description of scenes which are hard to grasp even as you see them. There aren’t many roads (Norway’s two biggest cities were only linked by asphalt in the 1980’s), so we do as the Norwegians do: mountain bike when there are tracks, and hike when the best we can find is a path.

As this is not a road-bike trip, other equipment and clothing is recommended.
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