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Northern Star
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Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg
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8 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Northern Star

8 Days Easy

Our most international itinerary carries you seamlessly through three countries, four languages, and an endless variety of landscapes.

Flat Flanders’ brick cities are linked by canal tow paths, now traffic-free cycle routes. Flower-covered locks, stately lines of sycamores, and ornate city halls with their decorative flourishes, line our path.

Across Belgium to the Ardennes. Bucolic valleys and pastoral plateaux are home to 78 species of deer (more than you need, really), and the local beer has a distinctly piney overtone.

Luxembourg is next. How often can you say you crossed a country in a day on a bicycle? But it turns out to be a real place, quite different from its neighbors.

Bike paths line the German Mosel, lined in turn by terraced vineyards, castles, and half-timbered villages. Each village has innumerable tasting rooms: our favorite has topiary in the shape of a bicycle!

History is alive in the stone of each village. Flemish masters and their portrayals of 15th century Europe inform modern day Brugge and Gent. Huns to Hapsburgs, from the Crusades to the Battle of the Bulge (Patton’s, not yours) are featured in the Ardennes. Trier, formally founded in the time of Christ, is Germany’s oldest city.

Dine on North Sea mussels, eel in sorrel, Oostende grey shrimp, waterzoi, carbonade, and the ever-present frites, served with a dozen sauces. Wash it all down with “Belgium’s burgundies” – the kingdom’s famous beers – barrel-aged, spontaneously fermented; brewed from wheat, barley, rye; seasoned with orange peel, cloves, cherries.... Then pop the sumptuous local chocolates for dessert. Yum! Or wait for the Moselle’s wine towns, for everything from snails to cauliflower served in delightful reisling-based sauces...
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