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Mousse Head
Tour Location
Belgium, France (Great East), Germany, Luxembourg
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14 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Mousse Head

14 Days

What does the Champagne region of France have in common with Belgium? Bubbles, of course. The most delicious sparkling wines and the world’s greatest (and greatest variety of) beers are an imbiber’s delight. The variety and quality of each regions’ offerings will make your head spin (but in a good way). And the wines are no less interesting in Germany’s Mosel valley – just less effervescent.

And then there’s the biking. Vineyards, canals lined with stately trees, picturesque villages, rolling hills, and winding river valleys provide the backdrop to your culinary discoveries.

Beautiful and historic cities round out the offering: Reims, where generations of French kings were crowned; Brugge and Gent, where Rubens and Memling immortalized scenes that haven’t changed so very much; Trier, the self-proclaimed “oldest city in Europe” (we have our doubts, but love Trier)..., all memorable places, delightfully explored by bicycle.
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