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Lively, Singing Hills
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7 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Lively, Singing Hills

7 Days Easy-Moderate

As a cultural reference, Julie Andrews and the “Sound of You-Know-What” are fading from view. And the gingerbread houses, flowerboxes, alpine pastures, perfect churches..., were only a film set, anyway, right?

Well, no, actually: they live here, in the foothills of the Austrian Alps, romantically known as the Salzkammergut (it’s more idyllic than it sounds). Indeed, we theorize that the film’s success must have had at least as much to do with its setting as with its story.

Come and draw your own conclusions! Bike through emerald meadows sprinkled with flowers, and along the shores of lakes which admirably reflect their surrounding snow-capped peaks. Glide over inland seas as smooth as glass, in electric boats as silent as the swans that swim alongside.

Fresh trout, wheat beers, world-class coffee and the most beautiful pastries, are served on terraces which look upon scenes so romantic that it is hard to take them seriously.

And everywhere, the glory and opulance of Baroque and Rococo architecture, legacies of the Austro-Hungarian empire at its mightiest. From the sophistication of Salzburg to the bourgeois elegance of Bad Ischl, to the back-country magnificance of the Ennstal, this is one of our most beautiful rides.
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