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Italian Lakes
Tour Location
Italy (Veneto South Tyrol-Trentino Fruili), Switzerland
Tour Information
9 days
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Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Aug, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Italian Lakes

9 Days Moderate

Our Italian Lakes route roughly follows the Italian / Swiss border through the Alps, circling three beautiful and world-renowned lakes: Maggiore, Lugano and Como. As our Swiss route often visits France, our Italian Alps route dips into Italian-speaking Switzerland. The contrast is beyond entertaining....

Deep valleys with stone towns carved out of the rock walls. Vineyards on shelves high above your pastoral cycle route. Little white ferries criss-crossing the lakes. Dramatic views in all diretions.

And yet the mountains seem greener and more welcoming than their austere cousins just to the north. Or perhaps the softer impression comes from the flower-covered villas reflected in the azure waters....

The cuisine is all you’d expect, northern Italy at its finest. Pastas with refined sauces, mushrooms you never imagined, game and the freshest of lake fish, all accompanied by luscious and varied wines.

This trip lends itself particularly well to a pre- or post-ride city visit: Milan, Venice, Florence and Rome are all within 4 hours by train.
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