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Gorges of the Cévennes
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8 days
Advanced / Challenging
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Jun, Aug, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Gorges of the Cévennes

8 Days Advanced / Challenging

France’s least accessible region is almost unknown to foreigners, and only a vague idea to the French themselves. It is our favorite.

Dramatic moors and gorges, pristine rivers and forests, and villages built of the stone cut from the surrounding mountains, astonish all who reach them. Imagine the Grand Canyon on the scale of Nova Scotia or the Cotswolds, and you will have an idea of what awaits you.

More varieties of local honey in the country store than there are cars on the road in a day. Chestnuts just off the tree, goat cheese from the farm you just passed, and every wild mushroom flavor your dinner salad. Duck, lamb and fresh trout pulled from the rushing streams offer alternate flavors.

This is a ride through the France of our (or their) forebears, through a world your children are unlikely to ever see, in any country. Profit from it while you can — you will never forget that you did.
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