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Etruscan Trails
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15 days
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Jun, Sep
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Blue Marble Travel

Etruscan Trails

15 Days

The Etruscans were a mysterious people, absorbed into the Roman Empire without a hiccup some time shortly before Christ showed up. They left their name to Tuscany, but the Renaissance supplanted them there more than it did in neighboring Umbria, where they are still running the Perugia bus system.

Our bike ride traverses their stomping grounds, and offers an understanding of the contribution that they made to Italy as a whole, and to their corner of it in particular. In many ways, their self-assured but poorly recorded civilization still marks these land's current lifestyle. And not just in the operation of Perugia’s buses.

These regions share roots and landscapes, and many elements of history and art. But we are equally struck by their differences, in temperment, welcome, cuisine, and overall “feel.” Perhaps Umbria is Tuscany of 50 years ago. Perhaps it is just different, more turned towards Rome and a bit less towards Florence. Either way, the contrast is a treat. And, in the scheme of the timeline in effect in these parts, 50 years is not a very long time....
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