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Cyclist’s Paradise - Northern Europe
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Belgium, Denmark, Germany
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16 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Cyclist’s Paradise - Northern Europe

16 Days

Charming towns, windmills, luscious grey North Sea shrimp, and more types of beer than you can imagine, are on offer throughout the trip.

But the real bond between these lands is the extraordinary respect and consideration shown to bicycle travellers. Bike paths abound, countless commerces cater to cyclists, and travel on two wheels is a way of life (even when the terrain isn’t flat – you’re in for a bit of a surprise on that score).

In Belgian Flanders bikes have their own traffic laws. Signed cycle routes guide us from border to border of tiny Luxemburg — in a single day. The German Mosel gives both of her banks to bike paths. And Denmark has a system of cycle trails so complete that it is divided into numbered national, regional and local routes. There are even cycle highways. All of which lets you spend your time admiring your surroundings, riding side-by-side with your friends, and living a care-free car-free existance for two glorious weeks.

Come and play with us in the lands that our metaphorical magic carpets love above all....
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