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Chocolate Box Jura
Tour Location
La Cure
Tour Information
8 days
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Jul, Aug
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Blue Marble Travel

Chocolate Box Jura

8 Days Easy-Moderate

The Jura is a small line of mountains shared by France and Switzerland, the one that you see on every box of Swiss chocolates and always assumed was the Alps. Goofy cowbells, achingly beautiful scenery, and Swiss cheese without the holes. We once asked why there were no holes in the Jura comté, and were told it was because people in Emmenthal don’t stir their cheese well enough to get the bubbles out. You have to be from the Jura to accuse other Swiss of laziness.

Mountain scenery, quiet roads, beautiful lakes, forests and farms....

Home-made ice cream from dairies which receive daily milk from the cows you hear clanging all around you. Visit one to watch the process.

Choruses of frogs from the rivers and streams serenade you in the evening.

Visit trout farms, underground caverns, cheese makers, ancient forts. Admire giant waterfalls, go for walks in the woods, dive into beautiful lakes. Quiet roads link all of these places, and allow for safe cycling with the young'ns. We spend three nights in the center of a ski village, one in an old mill town, and three more at the end of an isolated canyon, surrounded by nature’s spendor.
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