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Champagne Pedal
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6 days
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Blue Marble Travel
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Champagne Pedal

6 Days Moderate

More than a drink, it’s a place!

Just an hour from Paris, pop the corks amongst the beautiful vineyards. Gawk at the splendor of Reims’ cathedral, where French kings were long crowned. Explore the WWI battle sites of the Marne. Peek into Picardy’s Romanesque churches, or the even older Merovingian crypts under the Jouarre abbey.

Visit the cellars of Moët and Cliquot. Marvel at country lanes where not a car passes, at farming villages of 100 souls, at the peaceful fields and vineyards and forests... all in commuting distance from the City of Lights!
Champagne vineyards
One of our most surprising rides actually cycles out of Paris on a Monday morning, quickly leaving the rush hour bussle to join a canal tow path of industry gone by. By the end of the day you are pedalling through the pasture land that produces the famous brie cheese (the real one, not the plastic immitation from your local grocery).

A fascinating window on the “real” France, touching on topics from land use to urban development, social integration of immigrants to the preservation of agrarian traditions... and of course continually celebrating the ever-present gastronomy in the most festive possible atmosphere.
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