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Celtic Spain
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8 days
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Sep, Oct
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Blue Marble Travel

Celtic Spain

8 Days Moderate

Our Spanish routes, in the Basque Country and in Galicia, have in common the exploration of some of Europe’s wildest, least developed corners, a “Latin” pace, a profound culinary & cultural link with the ocean, temperate climates (the Atlantic generally keeps things pleasingly cool, even in summer), and lush, green scenery.

But where the Basque ride is an exercise in sleep-deprivation, the seclusion in which to write your novel might well be found in Galicia — at least until you get to Santiago. Our route along the banks of the wild and beautiful Miño River wanders through the sleepiest places we know, on its way to one of the most awake.

The Celts held out best where they were too far away to be bothered, and Galicia fits the bill. You’d think you were in Ireland, except that Gaelic tunes have Spanish words. And there are beaches and sun and viño ribeiro in place of rocks and rain and Guinness.

Villages are miles apart, stores are the living rooms of people’s houses, vegetable carts are hauled by burros, and a cup of the local wine is a fraction of a euro. Grape vines cover everything that isn’t forest, including most of the houses, and some of the people.

Kale and green peas go with monkfish and salmon trout, wild rivers and undiscovered country go with your biking, all in a land so distant that Spanish is a foreign language.

The ride comes out to the Atlantic at the twin fortress towns of Tuy and Valença, on opposite sides of the Spanish / Portuguese border. We end the cycle with two beautiful days along the ocean. An optional stop is suggested in the pearl of Galicia, Santiago de Compostela, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities (included if you are travelling on “Southern Cross”). ¡Buen viaje!
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