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Brittany's Emerald Coast
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7 days
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Jun, Aug
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Blue Marble Travel

Brittany's Emerald Coast

7 Days

Our Brittany trip follows the north coast – a unique part of France, unlike any other. No local wine, for starters (well, little local wine... Muscadet, the ideal partner of fine shellfish, is Bréton, though by just a few kilometers).

“You’re going there anyway?” we hear you cry. Well, yes.

Collage of Brittany photos

But not because Brittany is reknowned for her fermented cider. Rather for her craggy coastline, cathedral cities of half-timbered houses, flower boxes decorating country cottages, and bustling ports lined with purveyors of the world’s greatest seafood. For her tiny country lanes devoid of traffic — none of our French trips see less traffic — her ever-changing ocean scapes (every night of the trip is spent on the water), and her fortress castles. For her beaches, lighthouses and tidal pools. For her impossible Celtic language and traditions, music that sounds more Irish than French, and markets selling short-order crêpes. In short, for a fascinating look at Little Britain, whose residents receive their guests with pride and grace.

We’ll import wine from the foreign country that is France....

So come climb on the rocks with us, and see what sea creatures you can befriend.
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