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Basque Biking
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9 days
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Jun, Sep, Oct
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Blue Marble Travel

Basque Biking

9 Days Adv-Challenging

Our Spanish routes (the Basque Country and Galicia) have in common the exploration of some of Europe’s wildest, least developed corners, a “Latin” pace, a profound culinary & cultural link with the ocean, temperate climates (the Atlantic generally keeps things pleasingly cool, even at the height of summer), and lush, green scenery.

Our Basque route takes you through a fascinating land, with its own language, architecture, cuisine, sports, and distinctive history.

Picasso & Guggenheim, beaches with incredible surf, late nights in the liveliest of bars, fishing ports that conjure images of Maine or Newfoundland (where many Basques settled), and the extraordinary proximity of mountains and ocean frame our journey.

Administratively shared by France and Spain, the Basque Country is very definitely a land of its own (the Basque genetic card is said to have some vague link with Mongolia...).

“Convivial” is the best way to describe a week here. If you want seclusion in which to write your novel, look elsewhere! The biggest problem is sleep. The Basques don’t. Sleep, that is. They go to work at 8a, to dinner at 11p. Dance clubs open at 1a, during the week! And unlike the Castillian Spanish, who keep the same hours, they don’t even bother with the famous siesta. Ouch!

Our bike route spends much of its time along the spectacular coast line, wild and dramatic. Seafood, green hills, unique regional architecture and equally distinctive cuisine are highlights. The balance of the trip is spent in forests of eucalyptus and pine – a truly beautiful ride.
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