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Alsace Adventure
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8 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Alsace Adventure

8 Days

To outsiders, Alsace at first seems germanic. Half-timbered architecture, many beers, a not-very-latin precision in the way things get done (and a sense of order in how they are kept), a local language far closer to German than to French... all contribute to seeing Alsace as a natural part of the land beyond the Rhine. Indeed, this is a case the Germans have often tried to make....

But just as many signs point the other way. A focus on, not to say obsession with, food and wine; a love of art, design, and aesthetics more generally; humanistic and entrepreneurial traditions; and above all, an unquestioned patriotism (“La Marseillaise” was written by an Alsatian).

Today’s Alsace is quintessentially European. Cross-border relations with Germany (and also with Switzerland) are increasingly fluid, and Strasbourg is home to the European parliament.

Highlights include Strasbourg and Colmar, the Route des Vins through the prettiest of the vineyards, the Munster Valley (source of the cheese, not Herman), and the Route des Crêtes, a forest road along the spine of the Vosges mountains, built to strenthen the French cause in wars gone by. But there are many others, less-known but no less memorable, in this wonderful, surprising and proudly French region of Europe.

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