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Alpine Lakes
Tour Location
Austria, Italy (Veneto, South Tyrol-Trentino, Fruili), Switzerland
Lac du Joux
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15 days
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Blue Marble Travel

Alpine Lakes

15 Days

A mention of the Alps evokes images of snow-capped peaks, perhaps an occasional thought of yodeling, or Heidi drinking hot chocolate. OK, but beyond the cough drop commercials, the world’s most beautiful lakes lie collected in deep valleys: Geneva, Maggiore, Lugano, Como. Clear blue, reflecting the warm summer sun, flower-covered villas, palm trees, and snow-capped mountains.

Alpine biking is not the obligatory workout you’d think. Unlike the Rockies, the Alps’ base is close to sea level, increasing vertical drops (and making slopes too steep for most cyclists!). So communication arteries, and our routes, follow the valleys. For variety, we train to the top of an occasional Alp, and roll back down, often on our bikes.

Throughout our Alpine Lakes trip you will experience incomparable and world-famous scenery. But the scenic differences between parts of the Alpine chain will more than hold your interest. Language, culture, climate and especially cuisine change with each border crossing (twice without ever leaving Switzerland).

Glacier skiing in Zermatt and an optional Venice visit for boating on the canals complete the stunning picture painted by this trip.
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