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New Hampshire
Tour Location
Manchester Airport, NH
Manchester Airport, NH
Tour Information
9 days
Off-road (unsealed)
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Tour Type:
Mountain bike
Cost From:
USD 1495
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Jul
Tour Operator:
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New Hampshire

Learn How to Mountain Bike

9 Days Easy-Moderate

Tour Operator:
This is also a great introduction to the sport of Mountain Biking. As with the NC program Learn how to Mountain Bike is designed specifically to build skills and increase confidence for younger students. The trip will start at a campground with an extensive trail network that provides the perfect place for you to learn the fundamentals of riding off road. You and your group will then move to the White Mountains where you'll ride progressively more challenging terrain until you're tackling trails with grace and style. Imagine the fun and sense of accomplishment you'll achieve from navigating the muddy, rocky rides and technical single track that makes New England mountain biking famous. Your group will choose activities that interest you the most along the way, making each session a unique and exciting experience for everyone. No matter how much you have ridden or what your ability is, this trip will bring fun and laughter to your summer!
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