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Biking Singapore
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+65 8388 2353
12 - N
East Coast Road 428734
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Biking Singapore

Biking Singapore is rated as one of the top Cycling Tour in Singapore by many guests from all over the world and the main reason is because we love what we do!
Our crew is made up of Singaporeans, passionate about our country and it's history. So you will not be on a typical scripted tour program, but a well thought and planned program to show you the best of Singapore.
All our cycling tours are kept in small groups and guided by our friendly, english speaking bike crew, who wants to share the best of their country with you! So no matter which cycling tour you choose, you will enjoy Singapore to the fullest!
Their Tours

Vintage Dutch Bicycle Rental

4 Hours
Biking Singapore brings to you our latest rental service of Vintage Dutch Bicycles. Our Vintage Dutch Bicycles are definitely ideal for photo shoot and marketing events that requires an element of elegance to be part of your event. The Vintage Dutch Bicycles are not just there for looks, it is ...

Pulau Bin Cycling Tour

3.5 Hours
Not much tourist know about this hidden piece of nature which brings you at least 50 years back to how Singapore was. This tour brings you back to our “Kampong Days” where Mother Nature plays a large part of daily life. Visit remarkable sights such as the German Girl Shrine, Bukit Pakau, Chek ...

Taste of Singapore Food Tour

5 Hours
Local cuisines are world renowned such that even top chefs such as Gordon Ramsy seeks it's recipes. Start the tour as we explore Chinatown's local community and it's local food centre. Browse through the brimming food stalls as our guides choose the best dishes for your lunch at the Local ...

Singapore Attractions Cycling Tour

3.5 Hours
Join this tour to enjoy the 2 must visit attractions in Singapore; Gardens by the Bay showcases the world's highest indoor waterfall and flowers from various continents. The Singapore Flyer which spins slowly to give you the best ariel view of Singapore's Skyline. Before you enjoy the 2 ...

The Best of Singapore Tour

3.5 Hours
Your Singapore Cycling tour starts from Singapore River and journey down to China Town's beautiful architecture left behind from our colonial times. Visit the Chinatown Wet Market, Sri Mariamman Temple and Tian Hock Chinese Temple. After we leave the past of Singapore behind us, venture into ...

Evening Singapore Cycling Tour

3.5 Hours
Ever wondered why Singapore is called the City that never Sleeps? Get on our evening tour and see for yourself! Our journey begins from the Singapore River where Live band bars and Restaurants line up the river coast. Enjoy a cooling stroll through Chinatown and enjoy a visit to the magnificent ...

Singapore Bicycle Rental

3 Days 280 Km
We provide Foldable Bicycles to be rented for your own sight seeing itinerary or if you are looking for a special Vintage Bicycle we have that too! Either way, our rental services are direct to your doorstep to enhance your bicycle rental experience.

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