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The Surprising Bronx
Tour Location
Several blocks north of Central Park
Several blocks north of Central Park
Tour Information
7 hours
On Road
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USD 95
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Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct
Thursdays 10am-5pm
Monday, July 29th
Monday, September 9th
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Bike the Big Apple

The Surprising Bronx

7 Hours Deal

Even Staten Island - often called New York’s “Forgotten Borough” - gets visitors from around the world riding its ferry! Yet, the Bronx, separated from Manhattan by less than 150 meters of water to cross, is truly the neglected borough.

Our tour begins by riding into the infamous South Bronx. We see this neighborhood in the midst of a transformation from one of the most notoriously dilapidated, impoverished neighborhoods in the world to a community with a few hip bars and galleries. Following in the footsteps of Colin Powell and Jimmy Carter, we will pass through a surprising neighborhood of suburban style homes. Gone is any trace of a landscape that, 25 years ago, was compared to that of bombed-out Berlin at the end of World War II!

The Bronx River, one of the only two fresh water rivers still flowing in the city, will surely surprise you not only because it is so clean, but also because its falls are so peaceful, given the backdrop of the forests in the Bronx Zoo. No wonder a beaver was recently spotted here, for the first time in two centuries.

Lunch is at the unique Arthur Avenue indoor market in the Little Italy of the Bronx. Here you wander in an amazing atmosphere of hanging sausages, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even an old world organ meat shop! Gourmet sandwiches and pastas are available for lunch, and Italian pastries make an excellent desert, if you have room!

After this bountiful lunch, not surprisingly, our pace will slow as we ride to Poe Cottage. Here you will learn the fascinating story of Edgar Allen Poe’s move to this small country cottage 150 years ago. You will hear a dramatic reading of his incredibly powerful poem, Annabel Lee, written upon the death of his wife in this very cottage.

When the producers of the Hollywood film A Beautiful Mind wanted to save a buck and film on a beautiful, prestigious-looking university campus (that does not charge Cambridge prices), where did they turn? To the Bronx! A century earlier, when the country looked for a location to create its first ever “Hall of Fame” - what was selected? Surprise!

We’ll enter the last leg of our tour with visits to some of the most historic spot in sports history, all within a stone's (or baseball or basketball) throw of each other! The current Yankee Stadium sits adjacent to the sites of two different former baseball stadiums, as well as one of the world’s most famous basketball courts, graced by the talents of Dr. J, Stephan Marbury, and a funny little man named World Peace.

As our tour wraps up, you will look back on our day, and come to better appreciate that our tours are "as unique as the city itself!" You will most likely feel surprised not only at how safe you felt, but also surprised at the succession of amazing sights you’d never have expected to see in, of all places, the Bronx!
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