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Bike Virginia Tour
Tour Location
Buena Vista
Tour Information
6 days
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Cost From:
USD 575
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Bike Virginia Tour

Bike Virginia Tour

6 Days

The Bike Virginia Tour is an annual road bike riding event that’s all about fun and exploration. The event is one of the Programs of Bike Virginia (a statewide bike advocacy and encouragement organization).

You can register for a single day, a weekend escape package, or the full 6 days. There are lots of registration options beginning at $115. We also offer special discounts for teams (or groups) of people.

The Tour travels around the state to a new spot each year so you can learn the fascinating history and see the amazing scenery.
Lunch Saturday-Wednesday.
Up to 25 rest stops with food, electrolyte drinks and fresh fruit (every 15-20 miles).
1 premium rest stop each day with special culinary treat.
Onsite beer and wine sales featuring local favorites.
Marked routes, using up to 200 signs per day. No cue sheets or GPS required. Eye level, brightly, colored signs are used for easy following.
Guide book for ride details at your fingertips.
Mobile app with event schedule, social connections, and some route information
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