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Tour de Seoul
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Korea (South)
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5 days
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Bike Tour Korea

Tour de Seoul

5 Days

You can customize your tour to include as much or as little riding as you choose. In addition to biking, we can also schedule other activities to complete your visit to the Seoul area. Seoul offers world class hiking right within the city limits. You can also choose to visit some of the famous shopping areas, such as Myeong-dong, Insa-dong, and Apjugeong. If you are interested in culture and museums, Seoul has plenty of those to offer as well. Even though Korea is a mountainous country, most of the bike roads are along the rivers and waterways, and have minimal climbing. Most of the climbing roads are found within Seoul city. Most of our tour routes can be adjusted to accommodate any riding level.

For riding, you can choose from the list of areas below:

Downtown Seoul (City and Culture)
Gangnam Style (City and Culture)
DMZ Tour (Culture and Bike Roads)
Beauty of Korea (Bike Roads and Mountain Scenery)
Chuncheon (Bike Roads and Mountain Scenery)
Incheon Islands (Bike Roads and Ocean Scenery)
Various tour durations are available
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