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The Great Divide Tour
Tour Location
Canada, USA
Banff, Canada
Antelope Wells
Tour Information
49 days
Off-road (unsealed)
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On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
4493 Km
Tour Operator:
Bike Dreams

The Great Divide Tour

49 Days Easy-Moderate 4493 Km

The American cycling Dream: crossing the United States by bicycle.
Many riders cycled the United States from East to West or the other way around. Of course a great achievement.
It is probably a bigger challenge to cross the United States from North to South over the forest roads of the Rocky Mountains and follow the Continental Divide. The divide of roughly 4.500 kilometres ( 2.800 miles ) between Canada and Mexico that splits the continent into two parts. Drops of rain that fall on your left side flow into the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. Drops on your right side end up in the Pacific. The drops of sweat will evaporate in the thin air of the Rocky Mountains or fall on the trail. The trail of “The Great Divide” !!! The Adventure Cycling Association developed and published in 1998 world’s longest off-pavement cycling route and called it “The Great Divide”. The route starts in Banff, Canada, zigzags along the Continental Divide, climbs over isolated passes and finishes in Antelope Wells at the border of Mexico.
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