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The Tour De Plains
Tour Location
Pueblo, CO
St. Joseph, MO
Tour Information
8 days
Flat (mostly)
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 2582
Tour Distance & Dates
688 Miles
Tour Operator:
America By Bicycle

The Tour De Plains

8 Days 688 MLS

On the Tour de Plains you'll need to be ready to make the high plains drift. We will stretch out our legs for back to back centuries that push us across the border into Kansas. Chalk up another state. The slow gentle roll gives way to extremely flat Kansas prairie. As we continue to meander along the Arkansas River, you will notice we are still loosing altitude. It is very subtle, but with a little tailwind, you’ll really notice the miles fly. We will pass through small western towns and you’ll soon discover how the west was won. Arriving in Dodge City, you’ll connect with the cowboys who drove herds of cattle through this frontier town a century ago. Don’t miss the Front Street section of Old Dodge City. Eastern Kansas picks up and rolls again as we enter the Missouri River Valley. Before you know it, we have rolled past the halfway mark and into Topeka, Kansas. One more day will take us across the Missouri River, into Saint Joseph.
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