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tastecapade is the first tour booking website dedicated to culinary activities and experiences around the world. Whether you are a foodie or just looking for a tour with a touch (or let’s say “taste”). is owned and managed by Tastecapade DMCC, located in DMCC Freezone, Dubai, UAE. Tastecapade offers a wide range of culinary activities that ignites all senses. The new way to explore a country and its history is by sightseeing, meeting locals, learning about the culture and tasting the cuisine. Whether you book a food tour, cooking class, or wine tour, you are sure to leave satisfied from all angles.

The idea came about when the founder, who is a big foodie, found it hard to book cooking classes and food tours abroad. Most of the time, communication by email was difficult and she could not get a confirmed booking in a timely manner. That’s where the idea came about to put all food and culinary experiences in one place with an easy booking system and instant confirmation.

We may not realize it, but eating is one of the major attractions when traveling to a new country. The same question pops up 3 times a day (or more), “what should we eat?”, “what should we try this time?”, and “what’s the best dish this place has to offer?” Culinary tours can help you answer those questions and you can be sure to leave a country with a great knowledge of the cuisine and history.

We are currently offering the first tour on the website in Dubai, but stay tuned for other great tours around the world.

Happy eating!
Their Tours

Dubai Food Tour by Bike

4 Hours
Get to know Dubai like a local on this adventurous city tour. Do some sight seeing in a full-filling way: Cycle through old Emirati neighborhoods, beaches and small ports while stopping at several local restaurants and hidden gems to eat Emirati and Arabic food. Some of the dishes tasted are ...

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