Terms & Conditions

  1. Only operators of bike tours, and tours that have cycling as at least a significant component, may be listed.
  2. By uploading a video or image you confirm that
    1. You have all rights to that content
    2. You hereby grant to Cycle Tours Global (CTG) a non-exclusive, fully paid and royalty-free, worldwide license to use the content, but only for the purpose for which it was uploaded. This license ends when the image is deleted or the account closed unless it has been shared with others and not deleted by them.
  3. Images or photos may include a small logo or text/text area (less than 10% of image) - otherwise the tour may be delisted.
  4. CTG takes no responsibility for errors or omissions in tour listings.
  5. A tour operator must use a personal contact name when registering, otherwise the account may be suspended.
  6. Tour listings must be in English.
  7. Profile fields (e.g. description or inclusions):
    1. May only be used for the indicated purpose*.
    2. Must not include html tags or links (other than the tour web page field 'Tour URL')*.
  8. Inappropriate use of any field will be changed or deleted and the tour listing possibly suspended. For example:
    • Not adhering to the help guidelines such as the description being limited to 250 words or an image being greater than 500kb in size.
    • Using a data field for other than it's intended purpose (e.g. a sales message in the 'Start Date' or other box).
    • Indicating a speciality category that is not specifically catered for, E.g. it is not enough to say 'Women only' unless there are women only departure dates, not just that women only groups are accepted. E.g. 'Family' tag means kids are specifically catered for (kids bikes available, special activities, child or family prices, family accommodation etc and this is in the listing).
    • Special Deals are for limited time offers that are additional to the standard listing, whether early bird, last minute or other discount, special price or extra inclusion offers. Deals posted that are not in accordance with this condition will be removed.
  9. Tour listings may be edited to adhere to these conditions and to better match the standard CTG format that website users expect.
  10. Tours may only be listed once but variations (such as durations, but not dates) may be listed as separate tours.
  11. No keyword stacking* is permitted in the title, description or any other field. Keywords must be contextual only. Listings in violation may be altered or suspended accordingly.
  12. Tour names must not include any of the following list. Tour listings in violation may be altered or suspended accordingly.
    • Duration
    • Dates or year (except annual sporting events)
    • Guiding options (e.g. 'Guided' or 'Self Guided')
    • Tour operator name
  13. A tour operator is not permitted to have more than one account for the same business or operation, even if a different domain is used.
  14. A tour operator may not post a tour review.
  15. All costs of non PayPal or credit card payment must be born by the payor.
  16. Promotional codes or discount may only be used where eligible and authorised to do so, otherwise listings may be suspended without further notice.
  17. CTG reserves the right to edit,amend or suspend tour listings, without notification, not in accordance with these terms and conditions. Items marked * above will be determined solely by CTG.
  18. Tours not under a plan that haven't been updated in at least three years may be removed or unpublished by CTG. If there are no images this may be reduced to two years.
  19. You accept and follow these terms and conditions and any future updates that are notified to you.