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Mesoamerican Mosaic

9 Day(s)
730 km
avg 91 Km

The riders now face another tough 4 day stretch across the Jalapa region of central Guatemala; mountains, dirt roads and rushing rivers. Beautiful. On the last day we cycle into the charming colonial city of Antigua Guatemala, the country's capit ...

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Rainforest Rumble

13 Day(s)
960 km
avg 87 Km

Then we glide down into our first rest day at La Fortuna. Here you can experience the amazing sight of Volcan Arenal-ash and lava spewing out each day.

Then we head northwest towards the Pacific, camping in the spectacular Santa Rosa N ...

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Ruta Maya

35 Day(s)
2700 km
avg 100 Km

Cycle with us through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Belize. Amble through the Mayan ruins at Tikal, Copan & Lamani. Pedal through small villages, colourful markets, the amazing architecture of Granada, Nicaragua's former ca ...

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Western Caribbean

8 Day(s)

This biking adventure is also a snorkeler�s dream vacation. We�ll snorkeling everyday at our beach stops and the day in Belize will be snorkeling at the Barrier Reef via a boat! Or your can choose to go Kayaking in the mangroves, this is very cool t ...

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