Frequently Asked Questions by Tour Operators


What determines the order of search results?

The order is determined by tour operators who regularly use, and want to rank well, on the website.

  1. Featured listings are always first - tours can be upgraded by partners only
  2. Other partner tours come next
  3. Then all other tours
Within each section the order is determined by which tours have been most recently edited or updated by tour operators. Cycle Tours Global promotes and incentivises tour operators who actively engage with us.

How can I make my listing most effective?

  • Tour name should be short and memorable. Including terms like cycling or bike tour are irrelevant as all listings are bike tours! As most searches are on countries, the tour name should be more specific. Something like 'Bike Tour in France' will not attract many users. Try a search like to see what stands out the most.
  • Include a photo up to 900px wide in landscape mode.
  • Complete as many fields as are relevant and entice a user to contact you or clikc through to your website for more information. Particularly include those used by the filters e.g. terrain, guiding etc.

Can I use the website for free and, if so, then how?

Yes, you can use the site for free on a self-service basis. If you want us to keep the listings updated for you, and for a higher ranking in search results, please look at taking out aa annual plan.

Can more than one person be authorised to manage my tour listings?

Yes, each person will need to register and be approved.

If I don't subscribe to a plan, will people still be able to find my tours?

Yes, although they will be ranked behind featured and other plan tours in search results. However that depends on what a user is searching for - if your free tour is the best match for a particular search then it will show at or near the top of the page.
A free listing will be effective if you have great content, great images and a great title. And by regularly editing the listings they will rank higher in tour searches.

How are tours selected for CTG newsletters or social media posts?

Tour listings that have been upgraded to 'Featured' will appear in newsletters, Facebook and Twitter posts. If there is a particular theme at any time then other tours under a Plan may also be used.
There is a very noticable increase in views and clicks on tours in newsletters and social media posts..

If I operate the same tour with variations (eg guided/self-guided, different durations or route etc.) can I show this in one listing?

Yes, you can use the options section although only the main listing will appear with certain advanced or refined searches. Otherwise you are welcome to add separate listings but please adhere to the terms and conditions particularly in regard to the tour name.

Why should I take out a plan? What does it get me?

  • Preferential ranking in search results
  • Free featured listing(s) plus access to more
  • Enable ‘Ask the Operator’ messages for lead generation
  • Listings updated by us at least once a year
  • Low-cost - only US$3-$15 per month

How do I know if anyone is viewing my listing(s), clicking on the links or wants to contact me?

  • Once you are registered you have access to analytics for each of these
  • A user clicking on a 'Visit Tour Web Page' link will be directed to the relevant page on your website  - assuming the correct URL is entered in the tour profile
  • Any user can contact you if the 'Ask the Operator' function is activated (only as part of a Plan). Their details are not sent to you as per our privacy policy but you will get a notification to log in and retrieve them via My Account.

Can I subscribe to a Plan or Featured listing without a PayPal account?

Yes, PayPal gives you the option to use a credit or debit card.

Can I upgrade a listing to 'Featured' without being on a annual Plan?

No, as the Featured listing builds on the benefits of having a current Plan.

Can I pay for my plan or featured upgrade in a different currency?

Yes, you can pay with any of US dollars, Euros, GP pounds, Canadian, Australian or New Zealand dollars. If you want to change your chosen currency just go to the option at the bottom of the 'Business Profile' page.

What additional benefits does a 'Featured' listing get?

  • Highest preferential ranking in search results
  • Greater exposure by adding video and more images (up to 10)
  • Feature on home page (in rotation)
  • Feature in newsletters, social media and other channels
  • From only US$4.50 per month

How do I get my tour(s) featured in a blog post on CTG and why would I do it?


  • People can read a first-hand account of your tour(s) - there will be a link to the post in the tour profile (regardless of Plan status)
  • An additional way to find your tour(s)
  • Blogs are permanant so the link will always be there
  • Invite our editor, Bruce, to join and try out a tour with an attractive offer (bearing in mind CTG is a not-for-profit business!). This will of course depend on him being near or able to get to your part of the world (Bruce: "I love to travel and generally have at least one other cyclist with me").

Why can't I post reviews to my tours that have been made elsewhere?

In our efforts to keep reviews as genuine and authentic as possible only cyclists who have been on your tours can post reviews. Our privacy policy also does not allow comments made elsewhere to be shared on our site (unless of course the commenter reposts them).
To get more ratings and reviews for your tours you can ask your previous guests to post them.

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If we haven't answered your question here then please contact us.