Information For Tour Operators

Our mission is to promote cycle tourism as a desirable and fun way to holiday and also as a responsible and sustainable industry. We make as many bike tour options as possible, freely and easily available to our increasing number of website visitors - and so encourage and tempt people to holiday the smart way (i.e. on a bike!).


Would you want your tours listed, shown and promoted directly and only to people who want your information?

Bookings are made with you directly and there is no commission payable.

  • Register and list as many tours as you like (if we haven't already listed them!)
  • Add a fantastic photo for each
  • Update your tour details as often as you like - particularly cost and dates
  • Receive ratings and reviews with a right of reply to reviews
  • Lead generation (the ability for users to send you messages)
  • Higher ranking in search results (refreshed each time you make an update)
  • Statistics available on views, messages or leads and clicks to your website
  • Access to featured listings to promote whichever tour or tours you choose


  • Highest priority in search results
  • Photo Gallery (up to 10 images per tour) plus video
  • Featured on home page, newsletters and social media channels
  • From US$4.50 per tour per month (minimum 3 months)

*Rates also available in any of EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD or NZD. You choose your default currency.

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