Where to go if you don’t know where to go?

 Bruce Robertson

There are literally hundreds of tour operators offering thousands of cycle tours around the world. So how do you choose – or even know you’re considering all the options? What are your priorities or constraints (location, time, cost etc.)?

At Cycle Tours Global we try to make it a bit easier for you.  A great place to start is with our world cycle tour map and just pick a country (you can always come back and try again!). Then narrow down the selection by using some or all of our user-friendly filters according to your preferences.
A favourite quote of mine from another popular website is “You don’t need to know what you’re looking for, you just need to start looking!” [www.ancestry com].
OK, so maybe all you can decide on is that you want to have a holiday on a bike. There are so many cool places to go you probably can’t go too far wrong. Maybe exclude where you’ve already been and list the top ten of where you want to go – then prioritise them. Easier said than done – I know, I’ve tried. Maybe you do want to backtrack – after all everything changes so fast and so often is this crazy wonderful world we all live in.
There is no end of travel and destination guides – without being an endorsement some I have frequently used and found extremely useful come from Lonely Planet (they even do some cycle guides so I’ll have to try those out next).
Whatever you do (or even don’t) decide on, have fun with your search and be sure to let us know how you go.


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