The Holidays: A perfect time to plan a bike tour

 Bruce Robertson

Time off work to spend with the family? Too hot/cold to go out on your bike? Why not get everyone involved browsing through cycle tours to find one that suits you all? Or if you're the only cyclist, take your time, search and compare the best of what you find so you get the best out of your precious time and money!

So what kind of tour will suit you?

Guided or Self-Guided

How much independence do you want on your tour? Would you prefer to have a guide as that is usually the best way to make sure you don't miss out on anything and get local or insider knowledge to make the most of your tour. Guided Tours or Self-Guided Tours?

Family Tours

If you're going to take the kids, are you looking for kids bikes to be available, to have special activities, child or family prices, family accommodation etc.?

Multi-Activity Tours

Maybe you can't make your mind up or your family or group all want different things. Combine your bike tour with hiking, kayaking or something else. Maybe another activity such as yoga is your focus, but cycling is the perfect cardio accompaniment while still being fun!

City Tours

On a bike tour in a city you're visiting, you can see so much more than by walking, and the experience is far richer than in a car or bus. Take in the sights and smells of everyday life. This can be easily incorporated in a visit to almost any city to give a much more rounded experience.

Follow The Professionals

Watch or ride one or more stages of the big classics (Tour de France, Giro d"Italia or Vuelta a España). Prefer other professional races such as the European Spring Classics, the Tour Down Under or Tour of California? You'll find options to watch and/or ride those as well!


What about tours that focus on showing off the best gourmet food or drinks of their region. Whether that be cordon bleu food, degustation meals,  cookery classes or wine, beer or other tastings. Combined with cycling, doesn't that allow for indulgence to the max! Work off what you consume so you can enjoy more!

How much work do you want to do?

Tours are graded Easy, Easy to Moderate, Moderate, Moderate to Advanced or Challenging in increasing levels of difficulty. Some tours also have different Options Available for riders on the same tour. You can combine the level of difficulty with other filters to really narrow down your choice.

Electric Bikes

Touring using an electric or e-bike is becoming an option that more and more operators are offering in response to demand. This makes cycle touring much more accessible to all kinds of people who may not otherwise ride a bike - or are looking for a very easy way to enjoy a cycling holiday with the minimum of effort!

Women only tours

There are a few operators who specialise is offering women only bike tours and also several others who have women only departures for their regular tours. This is a growing trend as women will sometimes prefer the company of other women in the often male dominated world of cycling (though this is happily changing). Tours also offer a safer environment than travelling independently.

LGBT Tours

Although many tour companies will gladly accept bookings from LGBT cyclists, the following bike tours are specifically aimed at gay men, lesbians and friends who sometimes prefer the company of other gay and lesbian cyclists. In general tours also offer a safer environment than travelling independently.