Is slow travel the way to go?

 Bruce Robertson

No-one can deny that the pace of life is vastly quicker than it was only a few decades ago. Most of the world’s knowledge is now available to you in a matter of minutes (at most) and doing almost anything is so much quicker and easier than it has been before. However, this leads to tremendous pressure and stress over how to fit in even a few of all the options you could or would want to pursue.
More and more people realise that trying to see or do lots when on holiday is counterproductive so have embraced ‘slow travel’. It’s not really a new concept but is more relevant than ever, and now has a name so we can talk about it!
Slow travel is all about connecting with your surroundings and spending longer in a particular place. Perhaps less eventful but more fulfilling, it is the little things that make the place special and create more, and more unique, memories.
For many people walking (hiking, tramping or trekking) is the ideal means, but train travel or even just renting a house in a village or suburb can work for some people. However for me (and probably most people reading this) cycling is the perfect balance between covering ground while still being connected to your surroundings.
Riding through cherry blossoms Magic in Seoul
It’s the little things... that make a place special
Tibetan camp at Marpha, Nepal Tashi at his mother's shop 4WD going up Annapurna
On a bike you’re a temporary local   In a vehicle you’re just passing through
Millking time in Switzerland Vaduz, Liechtenstein
It’s about the journey... as much as the destination…

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