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Volcanoes & Temples

11 Day(s)
740 km
avg 93 Km

A rest day at the lake is followed by two stunning rides climbing and descending through the hills and along the rivers north of Panajachel. Your reward for this effort is a rest day in the alpine town of Santa Anna Verapaz.

The cyclis ...

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Ruta Maya

35 Day(s)
2700 km
avg 100 Km

Cycle with us through Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Belize. Amble through the Mayan ruins at Tikal, Copan & Lamani. Pedal through small villages, colourful markets, the amazing architecture of Granada, Nicaragua's former ca ...

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Belize & Guatemala Multisport

7 Day(s)

Belize and Guatemala will enchant you. From the Maya temples at Tikal to rain forest trails overhung with bromeliads, orchids and sinuous vines. It's a thrill that dives deep - like a plunge into the blue Caribbean - reemerging with every toucan's sq ...

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Western Caribbean

8 Day(s)

This biking adventure is also a snorkeler�s dream vacation. We�ll snorkeling everyday at our beach stops and the day in Belize will be snorkeling at the Barrier Reef via a boat! Or your can choose to go Kayaking in the mangroves, this is very cool t ...

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