Frequently Asked Questions

How best can I use the search box?

Enter a word or phrase (the latter must be in " ") - a country or city works best. You can refine this down in the next window by choosing one or more filters. You can also use the + or - symbols to make a word included or excluded from search results e.g. -self would exclude self-guided tours).
By way of example you could type in Tour de France if that's your area of interest. However without the inverted commas the results will be all tours containing any one of those words (in this case all tours!). "Tour de France" will be much more selective but will include tours that refer to the route or a part thereof - or even anything that compares itself or refers to the Tour. If you're only interested in the race then use the filters to select month (July), theme (Sport) and/or country (France).

How is the difficulty level determined? Are there standard definitions?

The level is determined by the tour operator so the definition may vary from one to another. However this (optional) filter, together with other data such as terrain, is to give you a good indication of what to expect.

How does the Wish List work?

You will have to be logged in so (so we can match the tour(s) you choose with your profile - we don't use cookies as we like to be very transparent and obvious about what personal information you're sharing).
Then it's just a matter of clicking on the ♥︎ symbol to add it to your list - or click again to remove it.

Where and how can I get more information?

You will need to contact the tour operator directly from the tour listing page using the 'Ask the Operator' button or click through to their website 'Visit Tour Web Page'. At Cycle Tours Global we don't have any extra information about individual tours.

Why do I have to register to post a review?

We need to ensure as much as possible that reviews are genuine with no spam or loading of reviews or artificial inflation of ratings (by tour operators or others). The registration process is pretty simple - we only ask for minimal details to confirm you are a real person!

How can I book a tour that I've found?

Bookings need to be made directly with the tour operator and you can either contact them directly from the tour listing page using the  'Ask the Operator' button or click through to their website 'Visit Tour Web Page'.

If we haven't answered your question here then please contact us.