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Lia & Private Beach Tour
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3.5 hours
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9 Km
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Yummy Pedals

Lia & Private Beach Tour

3.5 Hours Moderate 9 Km

This tour features two beaches with the most inviting azure waters and a glimpse over the mythical stones of Hercules’ victory over the Giants.

Our first stop for a swim, Lia, is a truly beautiful, organized, yet quiet, beach. The second beach is an off the beaten tourist track cove, that is rightfully gaining the name “private beach” as it is hidden among the rocky hills of the southern coastline.

But, of course, what goes down must come up; so the way back from these beautiful beaches will give you bragging rights for your accomplishment in conquering this tour’s steep inclines.

Because of the climb from Lia beach which is pretty steep for the first 300m, we also provide the option of changing part of the route, in order to address the ride to average cyclists as well. Thus, if we follow the “alternative route”, we can omit our visit to Lia beach and, instead, follow a countryside single track among fields upon returning from the “private” beach.

The roadway to both beaches might be a bit busy during the peak summer season, so this tour isn’t appropriate for riders who do not feel confident on their bikes as cars drive by.
Transfer from/to Mykonos town or the port is included. Additionally, during our beach break homemade muffins and lemonade will be offered and the underwater photos or videos will be sent free of charge
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